XebiCon’17, Build the future!

The XebiCon’17 is the conference that will give you the keys to getting the most out of the latest technologies. It deals with emerging technologies. This conference was created in 2015 by Xebia and is a place which allows you to dissect case studies, share emerging best practices in IT, and imagine the future.

This year, XebiCon’17 is:

  • 15 conferences and 12 fast tracks: Data, Cloud, IoT, Back, Front, Mobile, Agile…
  • 18 feedbacks from customers
  • 3 Hands-On
  • 60 Speakers

Zeenea as a sponsor

Visit the Zeenea’s stand to hear how more about how its Data Catalog can help your organization to tame the big data deluge and unlock its business value.

The Zeenea’s founders will present:

  • What the GDPR will change in the Big Data world.
  • The Zeenea Data Catalog.
  • Do you participate ? Take an appointment with us, write to info@zeenea.com.

Remember XebiCon’16…

We spoke at the XebiCon’16: Data Lake Done Right!

Companies quickly adopt Data Lake as a key component of their Data architecture. Big Data technologies have brought this concept to the forefront, enabling data to be stored within a single platform, regardless of format, nature or origin.

However, poorly organized and managed, this centralized repository will turn into a « Data Swamp » that does not allow value creation from your company’s data:

  • How to automate the preparation, consolidation and availability of your data to data analysts, data scientists and third party systems?
  • How to ensure data governance within a Data Lake?
  • How do you ensure your Data Lake complies with your data security and privacy requirements?

We will discuss these issues and propose solutions to make your Data Lake a success with Zeenea.

Espace Grande Arche
Paris La Défense
November 30, 2017
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