The data catalog of data-centric enterprises

Data is a business asset that must be mastered in order to innovate.

Our data catalog centralizes your enterprise’s data knowledge in one intuitive platform. Our tool offers a fast and efficient way to curate, organize, and document these resources.

Zeenea centralizes and synchronizes metadata (business, operational, and technical) from your stored data sets in your data systems.

Indexed by our search engine, your team becomes autonomous in searching for relevant data sets to carry out their innovative projects.


Our data catalog helps you to…

Maintain an up-to-date data knowledge repository

Connected to all your data sources, our data catalog synchronizes and automatically updates the data from your data storage systems in Zeenea.

Empower your agile data governance

Organizations rely on Zeenea to respond to the challenge of implementing an agile and collaborative data governance. Our data catalog promotes the internal use of data while limiting risks.

Unify your teams

The user-friendly and collaborative features of our data catalog allow everyone to discover, to contribute, and to work on the data. Zeenea is the enterprise’s metadata search engine as well as the collaborative data network.

An enterprise’s data catalog

Zeenea data catalog big picture

[White paper] Why start an agile data governance?

Data Catalog Data Sheet

Even if the Promised Land of data is real and recognized, their potential is still too untapped.
The main reasons for this are:

  • a data knowledge that is still too tribal;

  • tools proposing approaches and processes that are too cumbersome and cannot be maintained.

The question is not about moving towards becoming a data-driven organization, but how.  We recommend the implementation of an agile, collaborative and pragmatic data governance.

Ready to become a data-driven company?