Leverage data to drive business

Build a data-driven culture

The Zeenea Data Catalog centralizes all your data and the information you need to accelerate your business.

​Connected to your Data Lake, Zeenea automates and simplifies your Data Management in order to provide you with an efficient and easy Data Catalog access.

Our Zeenea Data Catalog has been carefully created to provide IT and business users with a self-service and collaborative solution that ensure the compliance of your data security and privacy requirements.


Designed for your needs


Time Saver

Zeenea automates and simplifies your data preparation and your data integration, both tedious tasks, to create a pertinent Data Catalog of your Data Lake.


GDPR Compliance

Zeenea makes it possible to manage authorization and access to certain datasets according to your security and process constraints.


Easy to use interface

Zeenea Data Catalog has been carefully created to provide IT and business users with an easy self-service Data Catalog.



Everyone can easily search and collaborate inside the Zeenea Data Catalog in order to accelerate decisions.

You are...

You have so much data in so many different places. There are so many terms and tables to document. Let Zeenea provide a centralized and simple Data Catalog.
Data Governor
Spend less time to prepare the data. Find easily your integration issues. Let Zeenea create a single source of reference in your enterprise.
Data Engineer
Zeenea inventories data, catalogs contextual information, and shares the knowledge needed for an easy data discovery and curation.
Data Scientist
Increase your productivity : Zeenea data catalog makes understanding the data easier. Collabore and work on relevant data.
Business Analyst

A single platform to cover your data journey

Zeenea provides the capability to find, understand, and trust the data in your data lake; resulting in greater data discovery and quicker insights.

Ready to become a data-driven company?