Improve your data-driven culture

A single platform to cover your data journey

Zeenea provides the capability to find, understand, and trust the data in your data lake; resulting in greater data discovery and quicker insights.

Data management system

Zeenea allows you to drastically reduce the cost of setting up and managing a successful Data Lake within your company.
Zeenea automates and simplifies your Data Management in order to provide you an efficient and easy access Data Catalog that ensure the compliance of your data security and privacy requirements.


Data provisioning

Convert automatically from raw data to clean, actionable data exposed through Hive, Impala or Spark to the data analysts, data scientists and third-party systems.

Access right management

Define who may or may not have an access to certain datasets in accordance with your security policy and processes.

API connected

Connect your data tools with our open API.

Stardardization metadata

Unify and document the metadata of your data in your Data Lake.

Data catalog

Zeenea catalogs every databases, tables and fields of your Data Lake. Zeenea Data Catalog is self-service and collaborative. It will help you to search through all your business, technical or operational metadata for easy data discovery and curation.


Data lineage

Observe the data life cycle : the data’s origins and where it moves over time.

Search engine

Search across in all your data quickly.

Collaborative features

Comment, rate or alert your colleagues on specific datasets.

Data monitoring

Zeenea monitors your data integration and data provisioning pipelines to keep your Data Lake clean and up to date.
Zeenea also allows you to assess the quality and the freshness of your data in order to avoid decision based on bad information.


Statistical analysis

Analyse the quality of your data and detect errors in the data files.

Integration audit

Check the behavior of the preparation and integration tasks of your data files.

Zeenea supports leading platforms

Google cloud platform
microsoft azure
microsoft azure
amazon web services