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Chief Data Officer

Chief data officerWith the rise of the internet and connected devices, many companies found themselves with large amounts of data without knowing how to exploit them. This phenomenon led to the creation of a new function in enterprises: the Chief Data Officer (CDO).

The CDO plays a key role in the overall data strategy of an enterprise; their purpose is to master the quality of their data and facilitate their access in order to become data-driven.

From an operational point of view, the CDO works with numerous other data profiles such as data stewards, data scientists, and data analysts. The data teams’ mission is to capitalize on an organization’s data assets by analyzing and exploiting them in an informed manner. By facilitating their work around their data sets, they are able to increase their productivity and efficiency in the enterprise.

To help CDOs reach their objectives, Zeenea develops a modern data catalog. Let’s see how.


The data governance tool for CDOs

In order to build efficient data governance, it is essential for a CDO to have a data catalog. This challenge can be addressed in a new way: by adding data repeatedly in Zeenea’s data governance tool and moving forward according to the organization’s priorities and strategic use cases.

Intuitive and easy to setup, our data catalog will help you face these challenges to able to reach these objectives:

Know your data assets

Our data catalog makes it possible to map an enterprise’s data. In order to do so, our tool’s features allow the CDO to:

  • Inventory all of the company’s data assets with our data discovery features,
  • Automatically retrieve all of the documentation from data storages,
  • Maintain up-to-date documentation with a data catalog connected to the enterprise’s data storages,
  • Display the life cycle of the data (data lineage).
  • Offer an overview of all data assets to data users.

Curate data easily

With a bottom-up approach, it possible to democratize data with Zeenea. All collaborators are capable of searching for, documenting and sharing a data set in our data catalog. It allows the CDO to:

  • Identify the relevant data sets to catalog in Zeenea,
  • Import and synchronize users from the enterprise’s LDAP repository,
  • Define the roles and responsibilities of each user directly in our tool,
  • Manage the user groups that are authorized to see sensitive data sets and their associated documentation.
  • Make data assets more accessible with confidence!

Unite employees

As a chief data officer, it’s with a better understanding, easier access and effective communication around your data that your organization will become data-driven. In order to reach these objectives, our catalog connects and unifies data teams through a common language using Zeenea. The notion of data fluency allows anyone – with the necessary capacities – to discover, to understand and to trust the enterprise’s data asset.

  • Evangelize a data-driven culture.

Chief Data Officers
become data-driven

With Zeenea’s data catalog, CDOs will finally be able to identify their data assets, make them accessible and usable by his collaborators in order to value them.

Our data catalog’s multiple features make it an essential tool for chief data officers to have in order to implement an agile data governance.

We believe that data assets are enhanced only if your organizations embrace new ways of working and sharing. They depend on a sharing society, which involves the sharing of knowledge, tools as well as a collaborative organization that allows acculturation towards a data-driven organization.

  • Become data fluent with Zeenea.

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